Why Philippines is a Strategic Outsourcing Hub?

Call Center Seatleasing in Philippines

call center seat leasing

The call center seatleasing in Philippines is the most practical choice for startups with limited funds until they become stable enough to stand on their own.

call center seatleasing in philippines
Call Center Seat Leasing

The BPO industry is one among the most successful businesses in the world today. This is partly because of the convenience of setting up this kind of business. For a call center seatleasing in philippines, you simply need a client, a dialer, a reliable internet connection and a small number of employees to begin with. A lot of successful companies began with these basics. And, surprisingly, they have grown to be giant players within the BPO industry today.

In Case of Manila, Philippines-

If we mention the Philippines only, there have been 915,726 business enterprises operating within the Philippines in 2016. This number has continued to grow through 2018 and 2019 with no signs of slowing down.

In Metro Manila alone, many businesses are shooting up like mushrooms every other day. Because of the proximity to their target markets. Due to the high volume of small or big businesses operating in the city, the demand for an economical base of operations has increased. Buying an office space in manila is sort of always out of the question due to its high cost. Especially for startups with limited funds. Therefore, the most rational option is to rent an office space.

Renting an office space within the business districts of Metro Manila like Eastwood Plaza, BGC, Ortigas or Makati is quite an easy task. This can cost your business an arm and a leg. As a result of soaring office space rental fees, seat leasing has now become the best and brightest way of commencing a business for many companies.

The biggest benefit of call center seatleasing in philippines is that it can prevent numerous upfront and recurring rental money. That money can simply be used to grow your business instead. It has also been proven to enhance efficiency and productivity among your employees. Other benefits include modern facilities, flexibility, scalability, no setup time, 24/7 IT & facilities Support, and CCTV Monitoring System.

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Why choose the Philippines for the call center seat leasing?

There are a lot of reasons why entrepreneurs prefer to outsource to the Philippines. But I feel the most important reason is that the Philippines has the largest number of English speaking people as compared to the other low-cost outsourcing destinations.

Accenture, IBM, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Citibank are some of the very large international companies having an outsourcing operation based within the Philippines. Here, the question arises why these big companies have decided to locate their call center services in the Philippines?. Because of the fact, that there are also some great advantages to the Philippines with their infrastructure, culture, and education of the workforce.

call center seatleasing in philippines
Call Center Setup

To outsource your business in the Philippines, you have to get into a seat leasing arrangement. In such kind of arrangement, you pay a per-person fee to accommodate your staff in a shared office. you tend to handle the payroll arrangements as well.

It is very important to have a right provider to start a BPO company in the BPO industry. This can play a part in determining the chance of success. Though there are owners who choose to start from scratch, others prefer to start with a seat leasing provider.


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