9 Reasons Why You Should Outsource in the Philippines


outsource in the philippines 

Now Philippines is home to the biggest call center industry in the world. Over one million Filipino skilled workers are directly employed in this human resource sector. However, these numbers are increasing every year. Businesses from worldwide have heavily invested within the Philippines call center industry to great benefit. Outsource call center Philippines remains a steadfast contributor to the country’s overall GDP growth.Therefore, the industry poses a threat to the position of other countries as the top destination for IT-BPO outsourcing. Large corporations often outsource their call center operations to other countries for different reasons.

Why outsource in the Philippines?

Here are some key reasons why global investors see Philippines as the ideal location for call centers. And what encourage them to happily outsource in the Philippines.

Save Money:

Cost is often one of the driving factors when you decide to outsource in the Philippines. The Philippines offer a high return on investment for investors with few risks. The operating expenses here are lower than those in other countries due to the lower cost of living. This low cost of living decreases the cost of the workforce also. Hence, the call center pricing in the Philippines is the cheapest you can find and the quality is never compromised.


It is the other major contributing factor to making the Philippines “the call center capital of the world”. The financial scenario of the nation has allowed highly efficient call centers to be operated at the minimum cost compared to the other English speaking countries. Thus, the abundance of affordable human resources has encouraged strategic investments in the Philippines by leading BPO corporations. These BPO corporations have improved the lives of thousands of highly educated and skilled Filipino workers.


Filipinos speak English fluently with a neutral accent and possess a good command of English – what customers look for. And that is the reason why the country is attracting more investors to put their call center hubs here. According to IBPAP, The Philippines is now at the top when it comes to voice call center services. It is very important that customers/clients and the call center agents must have a smooth flow of communication. The call center agents in the Philippines are very flexible in adapting the accent. There are agents who can pull off an American accent or British accent efficiently, as a result, Filipino workers are considered very good business processing outsource (BPO) assets for the Philippines. This is why, most voice and call center businesses in India are transferring to the Philippines.

outsource in the philippines
Call Center Set up in Philippines
Trained & Educated Professionals:

Overall literacy rate for the Philippines is 96.3% as reported by UNESCO. The highly educated professionals with unique cross-cultural knowledge is one of the Philippine’s strengths. Therefore, good command over English, highly educated and professionally-trained helps Filipinos in delivering high-quality services to the client.

Infrastructure & Technology:

The Philippines has already been a very good destination for call center outsourcing for years. Call centers of the Philippines have built tested-and-proven efficient infrastructure and technological systems. Certainly, this helps in delivering superior-quality call center operations.


Cultural flexibility is one of the biggest strengths of Filipino call center agents. They are quite flexible in adapting the culture of other countries fast. At an early age, the majority of the population get fluent in English with a Spanish-Asian influence. This blended international accent considered “neutral” by US standards. As a result, Filipino call center agents can better relate to the clients/customers from other countries when they are dealing with customer service, sales, and other call center services with them. Filipino’s easy-going and natural aptitude to resolve the problems on call calmly, helps in filling the cultural gap between east and west. It makes them a valuable asset to the business brands they represent who all entrust their sensitive customer relations to the Philippines.

Work Ethic & Management:

Filipino call center agents are very hardworking, flexible, efficient in problem-solving and performance-driven. As a result, they deliver excellent and high-quality work. This is one of the reasons why outsourcing call center services is thriving in the Philippines. The nation’s expertise in providing outsourced call center services has also produced effective management strategies for any size of operations.

Government Support:

Call center industry in Philippines is stable with few risks as it is fully supported by the Philippine government. The supplemental assistance provided by the government to the business process outsourcing industry during natural disasters and other issues has continued to make it stable and profitable for all involved.


The Philippines is centrally located in Asia. It serves as a point of entry to the Asian markets for millions of professionals. It is one of the key intersections between the Western and Eastern business worlds and serves as a shipping hub to the U.S. and Europe as well. These reasons make the Philippines an excellent location for outsourcing.

These are a few of the important points that make the Philippines call center industry attractive to global investors and encourage them to outsource in the Philippines. All these factors are very important for choosing Philippines to outsource your business. Many expect the Philippines call center industry to continue to grow more in the coming years, building upon the solid foundation it has established over the last few years.

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