5 Steps to Find the Perfect Office Space in Manila

Whether you are looking for a new office space in manila for your new startup business or a new office at a new location, you just need an awesome workplace for your employees. Such office spaces motivate the employees and help in getting their work done. If you are one among them, what are the problems of finding an amazing office space in manila are in your mind?

  • Where to find a perfect office space?
  • Which is the suitable location?
  • What will be the Price?
  • How to decide the design/theme of the office?
  • From where to get the furnishings? …any many more.

These are just a few. The list of problems is unending. Here you will get answers to all your questions. We are providing you a detailed guide that will help you in finding a perfect office space in manila or any other place for your organization.

 Steps to Find the Perfect Office Space

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STEP I: Evaluate the actual need for new office space:

Basically, here, you need to determine the real reason for getting a new office.

– Do you want to open a new branch (expansion) or shift your business completely to a new location?

– Has your business expansion plans not performed well as per your expectations at the current space?

– You have to decide whether relocating your business to a new place will give positive results or not.

–  Do you have the budget for relocation?

Once you figure out the actual need of getting a new office, you will have a better grip over the things.

STEP II: Chalk out your requirements and expectations of new office space:

After understanding the actual reason to get a new office space, the next step will be to make a list of things you want to be there in your new office. Make sure you consider those points also that are lacking in your current office space. Take an opinion from your business partners, coworkers and employees on the following points-

– It should be at the perfect location- easily accessible to your employees, coworkers and clients.

– What should be the office layout- a private office, seat leasing arrangement, few cubicles or the full call center setup?

– Fully furnished and well-fitted office space is very important- it will reduce

– Are storage rooms available there?

– Estimate the parking requirements.

– It should be near public transport facilities that make commutation easy for staff, and clients.

– It should have other facilities- medical room, cafeteria or food joints.

These points are very important for the expansion and growth of your business. So take proper time and opinions of others before jumping on any conclusion.

STEP III: Contact local Real Estate Agents or browse office spaces online:

When you are done with the basic and preferred office space requirements, then you need to start your research in finding a suitable office space. You have two options here-

– You can take the help of local real estate agents who can help you in browsing options in commercial properties. But here you need to see those agents should represent the landlords, not the tenants, to get the best deal. Or,

– You can browse the internet to find your perfect office space online. There are a lot of office space providing companies available online that are genuine and authentic. The best part about them is they a have huge number of office space options available at different locations. You can contact them, make an appointment and visit their office spaces and select one that goes well with your requirements. It saves a lot of time and money. For example, If you are looking for an office space in the Philippines you can contact OfficeSpaceDeal that has beautiful and flexible offices in manila available.

STEP IV: Procedure of Comparison and Selection of Office Space:

Once you have done a lot of market research and got a handful of options, you need to compare each one of them with the checklist of your requirements and expectations (i.e., step 2). Visit those offices that fit in your checklist- it will save you time. Here you need to inquire about a few but important points-

– Availability of the space- so that you can move in on the specific date.

– What are the charges included in the rent? Are charges for meeting rooms, lobby area, restrooms, elevators and other facilities included in rent?

– Accessibility of the space- if you want a space for a particular time only and not for full time.

– In cases of issues and emergencies, whom to approach and what will be the response time?

When you have selected the space that meets your perfect Office space criteria, it’s time to ask for the negotiation.

STEP V: Complete the Paperwork Formalities & Move-in:

Finally it’s the time to move in when you get the perfect deal for the perfect office space. Get all the paperwork done before you move in and check whether your lease agreement contains all the important details of the deal. If you have selected a serviced office space or Coworking space, then you are all set to locate your business. However, in the case of unfurnished one, take help from your agent to get the things done.

This article is created just to make the process of finding an office space in manila easy. You can take suggestions from your peers or trusted people who have rented an office space before and know the current market scenario. OR, You can contact us. OfficeSpaceDeal will provide you fully-fitted office space in manila that are plug-n-play ready. Our services includes Coworking spaces, Seatleasing, Private office space in manila, Semi-Private offices, Events Space, and many more.




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